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Here we showcase our ongoing projects and new clients.

New Clients


In our work, we will never copy-paste the same design foundations. We always make sure to do something new and original for each client. We promptly answer your emails with responses to your questions, promptly and efficiently as we know your time is valuable. If you work with us, we work for you to handle all of the minute details so not to disrupt your everyday workflow. We are 100% dedicated to concentrate on your work and are not the type of company that employs the use of beanbag chairs, or meditation corners. We run our team, not as hippie commune, but as a serious business that is always prioritizing our clients.

We are multilingual agency and capable to work in English, German, Russian and Hebrew languages. Our work is fast and affordable, and we are easy to reach. We have fresh ideas, high quality standards, state-of-the-art technology and we truly care for our clients. Our team is able to work independently to find gaps in your marketing concept and fill them. You can consider us as partners in your business. For this reason, we offer a full range of services, bonus add-ons and flexible billing.

Team up with us!
Your investment, coupled with our experience and efforts to make your project a success, provides a lifetime of benefits. Together we will reach your goals. Contact us for a proposal for any size project you have in mind, and we will discuss the price and payment options. Small tasks will be billed hourly, but for larger projects we offer reasonable discounts.
Our rates span from $50/hour to $150/hour and depend on the job type.

Fulfilling the payment, provides a client with owner rights on the work that is ordered. We only retain the creator rights. This includes, but not limited to, the ability to display the work in our portfolio. Exceptions are made for outsourced contracts. Depending on the project and our agreement, the source files will be delivered to the client after successful payment.

We work with the best printing companies worldwide. These companies not only have top quality, but also low prices. So, if you do not have a preferred local company to print your materials, we will be happy to send you all the items from our local partners shipped directly to your address.

Yes, in fact we have already successfully developed over 150 projects for clients of other agencies. From the very beginning of the collaboration, we sign a confidentiality agreement. We will never include any work made for other agencies into our own portfolio, nor will we try to approach the clients of the ordering party directly. All the source files and licenses will be delivered to the ordering party after fulfilling the payment.

Of course, we can help with this too. Our branding experts are well experienced in many industries. After carefully analyzing the competition, we work out a strategy to market your product or service and come up with a name that will make your business competitive and stand out in the eyes of customers.

Many of our clients choose our servers. They are managed by our IT Experts.  We have a comprehensive infrastructure for any type of web app or software. As a part of the WordPress offer, we advise our clients to host their websites using our custom-made WordPress hosting service.

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